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Greg Browning, Ph.D., former Director of the Ohio Office of Budget and Management, leads Capital Partners’ talented team of analysts and strategists. Founded in 1998, Capital Partners is a boutique public policy and management strategy advisory consultancy. The firm’s clients cluster primarily in the education, health and business sectors and include significant private, nonprofit organizations.

Capital Partners specializes in creating solutions to complex policy and related fiscal and managerial challenges. These solutions often include securing public sector funding. In the process, we build productive, results-oriented partnerships with our clients.

Capital Partners’ professional services include:

  • Public Policy and Finance Strategy and Analysis
  • Leadership and Management Consulting
  • Advocacy and Related Communications Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Philanthropic Strategy and Analysis
  • Team Planning Facilitation

The firm operates at the creative nexus of policy, strategy and leadership. We use insights and innovations from multiple sectors to create and advance practical, sustainable solutions. We help our clients gain a deeper appreciation of the strategic context of issues and then address what matters most. And we use the power of stories to shape and advance strategic thinking and action.

A leading example of our results-oriented philosophy can be found in a major report co-authored by Greg Browning and titled Redesigning Ohio: Transforming Government into a 21st Century Institution.

Capital Partners has unique strengths in analyzing, strategizing and communicating about the interplay between public policy and fiscal and organizational realities. We understand that political issues must be managed successfully in order to advance organizational priorities. And we believe that good policy is good politics.

No matter the arena, our clients are in the business of managing and leading change – and we are in the business of helping them do so successfully. We earn their trust by helping them become more agile and adaptive and better able to make smart judgments in an ever-changing environment. And it’s judgments, after all, that are at the heart of leadership life.



Capital Partners has the experience and expertise needed to see through the fog of complexity in order to help clients turn insights into solutions and strategies into results. This requires subject matter competence, management know-how, political savvy and first-rate analytical and communication skills – skills that define our team.

Capital Partners understands that while ideas matter, so do people and how they interact with one another. That’s why our negotiating talents and communication skills are essential to our success. It’s our ability to create solid solutions and help market them to stakeholders that separates us from the competition. In doing so, we help clients bring clarity out of complexity.

We are strategists who work collaboratively with our clients. The goal is to help clients get the job done; enhance their value  proposition; and, when necessary, reimagine their enterprise or initiative – be it social or philanthropic, public or private.


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Capital Partners logo icon
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Capital Partners logo icon
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